Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich. Hat ja wieder nicht geklappt.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

Peanuts Gang Singing Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland) by The Who

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s another Peanuts music parody. This time they play „Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland)“ by The Who!


Le Silence de la rue


Andrew comes home from a trip, finds a rose petal in his bed and becomes immediately convinced that his girlfriend is cheating on him. The confrontation that ensues ranges from blackly comic to something decidedly darker as words escalate into distinctly visceral consequences.

Englische Pimmelfinger-Werbung

Japp, Vodafone hat für eine seiner Marken eine Werbung voller Finger, die aussehen wie eine riesige Horde hüpfender Pimmel


Bad Furniture

A man insists on being furniture for his wife.



Two strangers end up sharing more than their Uber Pool.

If Not Now Then When… (Can’t We Just Try Something New?) Please! (Thank You)

Poor old Dom’s got himself into a right old tangle. A short dark comedy exploring the often painful places we end up in when trying to please ourselves and/or our partners.

Construction Workers on the Chrysler Building, 1929-1930

New York’s Chrysler Building, one of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers, was built in a remarkably short time–foundation work began in November 1928, and the building officially opened in May 1930. Even more remarkably, the steelwork went up in just six months in the summer of 1929 at an average rate of four floors a week. Fox Movietone’s sound cameras visited the construction site several times in 1929 and 1930, staging a number of shots to maximize viewers‘ sense of the spectacular heights. Movietone almost never put somebody in front of a camera without giving them something to say, so a number of scenes include some staged dialogue.


All 50+ Adobe apps explained in 10 minutes

Adobe makes so many software that it can be quite overwhelming for even a professional to understand what each one is used for. Many people who are new to this have confusing questions regarding similar apps like „what is difference between after effects and premier pro“ or „What is the difference between Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Bridge“. So, I made this video to quickly give you an overview of all adobe products as I couldn’t find a similar guide anywhere else, not even in Adobe’s own website. I hope it helps anyone entering the creative fields to get a sense of different apps.

Drone in storm – Ciara


BOOKFACE | Corpus Libris

A cinematic interpretation of the “bookface” style. This short film was conceived in collaboration with the creative team of Erlangen City’s public library. For two days we were carefully lining up faces, objects and body parts – each time trying to create a perfect melding of life and art. Client: Stadtbibliothek Erlangen

Pennsylvania man captures all walks of life crossing log bridge

The video, taken year-round, shows bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers and many other wildlife crossing the bridge, or swimming underneath in their natural habitats. Credit: Robert Bush.


Amy is taken on a camping holiday for her 15th Birthday by her Dad and her little brother. Bellmouth is a sensitive British, coming-of-age short that highlights the lack of support for grieving families in need and the corrosive nature of secret keeping.


A country boy doesn’t want to eat potatoes. He wants something more exotic.

My Daughter Died. How Do I Introduce Her to My Son?

How do you explain tragedy to a 3-year-old? Close to five years ago, Jayson Greene and his wife, Stacy, lost their 2-year-old daughter, Greta, to a horrible accident. Fifteen months later, their son, Harrison, was born. Now that Harrison is growing up, he wants to know about his older sister.

Groundhog Day For A Black Man

When a black man lives the same day over and over again, he tries changing his behavior to survive a police interaction.



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