Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich. Dieses Mal hat’s ja wieder nicht geklappt.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

➔ Despacito Chicken Version (Mr. Chicken)

➔ The Monolith

Pioneering NYC artist, Gwyneth Leech, enters a midtown art studio only to find that her skyline view will soon be blocked by the construction of yet another high-rise hotel.
But as the perspective out her window permanently shifts, so does the artist’s point of view.

➔ 2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation

How can you see the atmosphere? By tracking what is carried on the wind. Tiny aerosol particles such as smoke, dust, and sea salt are transported across the globe, making visible weather patterns and other normally invisible physical processes. This visualization uses data from NASA satellites, combined with mathematical models in a computer simulation allowing scientists to study the physical processes in our atmosphere. By following the sea salt that is evaporated from the ocean, you can see the storms of the 2017 hurricane season. During the same time, large fires in the Pacific Northwest released smoke into the atmosphere. Large weather patterns can transport these particles long distances: in early September, you can see a line of smoke from Oregon and Washington, down the Great Plains, through the South, and across the Atlantic to England. Dust from the Sahara is also caught in storms sytems and moved from Africa to the Americas. Unlike the sea salt, however, the dust is removed from the center of the storm. The dust particles are absorbed by cloud droplets and then washed out as it rains. Advances in computing speed allow scientists to include more details of these physical processes in their simulations of how the aerosols interact with the storm systems.

➔ deep-dark-fears – You took the words right out of my mouth.

➔ Parasitic endeavours

➔ Fresh Meat Masculine Wipes

WTF? Herrlich bekloppte Werbung von Chris Capel, der hier schon mehrfach mit durchgeknalltem Zeug aufgetaucht ist.

➔ Tracking Down Apples Lost to Time

David Benscoter spent 24 years mastering his skills as an investigator, breaking cases on bank robberies and political corruption for the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. Now, he’s taking a bite out of a different kind of problem—lost apples. Apples have long been a hot commodity for the people of Washington, but in recent years, many orchards have been left abandoned. As orchards are neglected, many varieties of apples are being lost to culinary culture. Benscoter is bringing them back. So far, the apple investigator has given new life to three lost varieties: the Nero, the Arkansas Beauty and the Dickinson.

➔ The Lost Art of Playing Glass | Funk Plus One

Dean Shostak is one of last true masters capable of playing the glass armonica – an enchanting instrument lost to time. First devised in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin, the art of “playing glass” began to fade in popularity as musical fashions changed. Today, there are only eight glass armonica players left in the world. Along with the revival of the armonica, Shostak is also reintroducing an entire family of glass instruments, including the glass violin, the crystal hand bells and the French Cristal baschet.

➔ Killer Charm

Snow White. Cinderella. Princess Aurora. They all married Prince Charming. So what did he do with the bodies? Law and Order meets Enchanted in this spoof of fairy tale love.
Killer Charm ist ein Kurzfilm von Thom Harp, von dem sich hier schon so einiges findet.

➔ The art of flying

The art of flying is a short film about “murmurations”: the mysterious flights of the Common Starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding. Every night the starlings gather at dusk to perform their stunning air show. Because of the relatively warm winter of 2014/2015, the starlings stayed in the Netherlands instead of migrating southwards. This gave filmmaker Jan van IJken the opportunity to film one of the most spectacular and amazing natural phenomena on earth.

➔ Slurp

The story of a cute little tongue who escapes from the mouth of his human during the night.


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