Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

Schlange auf einem Draht

The Frozen Road

Manche Leute kachen keine halben Sachen.

Self-shot and edited whilst cycling around the world, this short film charts my winter journey into the Canadian Arctic as I completed my bike ride up the American continent. Compelled by Jack London’s assertion, that ‘any man who is a man can travel alone’, I sought an adventure of perfect solitude. Yet, as I came to realise, the harsh truths of travelling in such a formidable environment were a long way from the romantic images I’d held of this land. The Frozen Road is an honest reflection on my solo trip; of the wonder, terror and frustration I experienced when riding through the unforgiving emptiness of one of the world’s ‚last great wildernesses‘.

The sound of ice

Klar, kann man machen. Einfach mal auf dünnem Eis ne Runde drehen.

This is how 45mm new black ice sounds like. Don’t forget to put on the sound. Recorded on Lissma Kvarnsjö outside Stockholm the 5th of December.

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

Ja gut, dann eben nicht.

Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news – or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

First Breath After Lung Transplant

Dieser Gesichtsausdruck.

After suffering from Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, Jennifer is taking her first unobstructed breath after her lung transplant when the breathing tube is removed. Her face is simply magical!

Kugel aus 42000 Streichhölzern


What happens when you start gluing matches together? Because the heads are slightly wider than the wooden bodies, they begin to form a sphere. This was an experiment in how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe. After months of gluing and gluing and gluing we made it to the other side. Then the experiment shifted to see what it would look like when this thing burned. Enjoy!

My crazy kid jumping on his buddy’s ice covered trampoline

Manche Sachen sind so bekloppt, dass man sie einfach tun muss.

Biber sagt, ihr könnt ihn alle mal gern haben


Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy

A closer look at the incredible physical comedy of Rowan Atkinson.


Young people go missing in rural parts of Europe. This is happening to unsuspecting victims who become part of an underground world… where their organs are the only currency that’s worth anything.

A lonesome man functioning as the middle guy – a broker – is witnessing what his business has turned in to. The long nights, the beautiful women, the rookies breathing down his neck… it’s not the same as it used to be.

So he tells himself it’s time for a change. He decides… to save a helpless girl from being their next victim.

Jardin de Minuit

Annecy – Drone in Motion


Après „Annecy in Motion“ combinant timelapses et hyperlapses, on prend un peu de hauteur pour „Annecy – Drone in Motion“, une promenade autour d’Annecy en dronelapse. Photographié sur une période de 2 ans entre Octobre 2015 et Décembre 2017 (avec près de 13.000 photos prises).


Snack-addicted bedroom-musician Lewis Bewlis is visited by a mysterious stranger, tasked with turning his life around.


blblblbl chicken

Und Feierabend!

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