Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

➔ Kurzfilm: Blood and Water

Leistungssport muss man wirklich treiben wollen. Nur ein bisschen geht nicht.

➔ La Nuit Je Danse avec la Mort

The psychedelic, violent and liberating experience of young man who takes a drug at a party.

➔ Hang Son Doòng – The largest cave on earth

At over 5km long, with sections reaching up to 200m tall and 150m wide, Hang Son Doong is large enough to house an entire New York City block, complete with 40 story skyscrapers. With a total measured volume of 38.5 million cubic metres, this comfortably surpasses Deer Cave in Malaysia, which was considered to be the previous record holder. Stalagmites up to 80m high have also been surveyed, the tallest ever encountered.

Less people have seen the inside of Hang Son Doong than have stood on the summit of Mount Everest.

➔ Kurzfilm: Old Lady Luck

Es sind meist die Details, an denen man scheitert.

➔ Kurzfilm: Little Old Lady

An audition for a TV commercial brings out the intense competitive nature of two elderly actresses, Gladys and Doris.

➔ NEBULAE – a cosmic meditation

Erinnert ein bisschen an alte Space Night-Zeiten. Kommt wahrscheinlich am besten, wenn man nicht ganz nüchtern ist.

➔ 116 Cameras

What if your most important experiences could live on after you die?

➔ Envisioning Chemistry: Chemical Garden II

When a piece of metal salt is dropped in the solution of sodium silicate, a membrane of insoluble metal silicate is formed. Due to the osmotic pressure, water enters the membrane and breaks it, generating more insoluble membranes. This cycle repeats and the salt grows into all kinds of interesting forms. This film recorded the osmotic growth of 6 salts inside sodium silicate solution. The growth is so life-like, no wonder Stéphane Leduc thought it might have something to do with the mechanism life over 100 years ago.

➔ Musikvideo: Eluvium – Regenerative Being

Richtig schön düster und abgefahren.

➔ Kurzfilm: Opening Night

Chris is the drama director for a high school production of The Dark Knight: The Musical, and the show is falling apart. In order to heighten the drama between his leads, Chris begins a series of manipulations to pit them against each other. The thirst for a standing ovation leads him down a dark path on a violent night the audience will never forget.



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