In jeder Straße gibt es irgendwelche Nachbarn, die n bisschen schräg sind. Verrücktes Hobby, extravaganter Kleidungsstil – schon hat man seinen Ruf weg und ist eben der Bekloppte in der Straße. Ob und was genau vielleicht dahinter steckt, ist dann ja auch schon egal.

Und so ist es dann eben auch mit der Geschichte des Pärchens, das einfach nur noch in seinem Wohnwagen lebt, der in der Einfahrt steht. So bekloppt muss man auch erstmal sein. Aber vielleicht haben sie ja doch einen Grund…

Who doesn’t dream of a life on the road? The story of a couple who decide to get away from it all and escape to a different kind of life. The truth is, however, they simply had to leave.

The Caravan ist ein Kurzfilm von David Willows und Dave Low.

The Story behind The Caravan. In 2010, David Willows published Fragments, a collection of stories and reflections on modern family life. Drawing upon personal experiences, the wisdom of philosophers past and present, as well plain common sense, he brought a unique, thoughtful perspective to a wide range of issues, ranging from In Vitro Fertilization and preparing for the birth of a child, to coping with divorce, human loneliness and the loss of a loved one. The collection contained two fictional short stories, one of which was entitled The Couple in their Caravan. Dave Low first read The Couple in their Caravan in 2017 and immediately had the idea to adapt the story into a short-form graphic novel. As is often the case, however, work and life took over and it was one of those ideas that ends up being shelved for a while. Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, and the opportunity to finally start work on The Caravan presented itself. It was the perfect sanity-preserving illustration project! The Caravan was first realised, during the course of the first lockdown, in the form of a graphic novel that Dave presented to David on the occasion of his 50th birthday. With the advent of a second lockdown, David and Dave then collaborated on a project to turn the story and the novel into a fully animated short film.




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