Aber aber, es gibt doch schon eine Website, die einem Katzenschnurren auf Knopfdruck bietet. Richtig, hatte ich hier ja auch vor zwei Jahren. Aber es gibt wenig, was man nicht noch optimieren könnte, weshalb der Macher des Schnurr-o-mat sich hingesetzt und alles nochmal neu gemacht hat.

When I developed myNoise – a free online background noise generator, try it – people kept asking me for a purring cat. Unfortunately, the audio engine on myNoise was not designed to play that sort of sound. But the requests kept coming! At one point, I realized that I was spending more time answering emails explaining why „a cat purr“ wouldn’t work than it would take for me to design one! This is how the cat purr generator on myNoise came to exist. When it premiered, ‚Furry Friend‘ – the name of that generator – instantly filled myNoise fans and cat lovers with joy. The buzz on the Internet softly stretched from a subtle gentle purr to the roaring crescendo of a growl of now over a million views. Though successful, I have never have been particularly proud of that sound, and I can hear the many shortcomings coming from the inadequacy of the myNoise audio engine. Sooner or later, I had to come with a better purr generator, and I think it’s ready. Meet Purrli, Your Internet Cat!

Purrli – The Internet has a Cat

(via motherboard.vice.com)


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