Es ist wie immer: Sonntag ist Zeit für Buchstaben und frischen Lesestoff.

Something is wrong when the ‘telephone app’ on your phone becomes 3rd party

Einfach mal per Update die Telefon-App austauschen gegen eine, die deine Daten weiterkauft. Kann man natürlich machen…

Yesterday, I was delighted to see that Wileyfox provides an update to a new version of Android (7.1.1) and I didn’t hesitate long to install the upgrade. Concerns that the hardware might not hold-up to the new system showed to be unfounded and everything seemed to work just fine. But when I realised that the dialler now labelled itself as ‘truecaller’ – something I had never heard of, shoot, I didn’t even know the dialler is an app – it gave rise to a bad suspicion: Is some of my phone’s core functionality now provided by a 3rd party app? Indeed. Does it respect my privacy? No. Can I uninstall it again? No. Was I ever asked to comply with their terms and conditions? Of course not.

The inventors of the Pill decided women should still bleed every month

Öhm, aha.

In order to pacify the Church, John Rock, one of the Pill’s inventors and a Catholic, devised a plan. He proposed designing a three-week pack of hormonal pills followed by a one-week stretch of placebo pills, a course that would mimic the presence and appearance of a real period. A woman on hormonal birth control does not ovulate at all, and uterine lining is drastically reduced. Even so, by cutting off hormones progestin and estrogen after the third week, women would shed what uterine lining did exist.


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