Mal wieder eine Runde Lesestoff gefällig? Na gut. Wenn ihr schon fragt…
Viel Spaß damit.

Türken lecken nicht, Ossis immer

„Aber die Deutschen lecken immer“, sagt Lizzy.

Anja schüttelt den Kopf. „Schon wieder eine Verallgemeinerung!“ „Okay“, sage ich, „die Deutschen lecken nur fast immer. Aber die Ostdeutschen, die lecken tatsächlich immer.“

Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito:

On earth, we use the word “burrito” to describe a tortilla filled with things you eat. Pretty simple stuff, and I’m surprised you at least got that part right. My burrito was, in fact, filled with food. In this, you and I agree and are friends. But this is also where my lifelong hatred begins for you and anyone else whose brain has been repeatedly scrubbed with the same mixture of bleach and Pop Rocks as yours has. Because that should have killed you, but left you around long enough to do what you did to me today. Let me explain:

You’re an idiot.

Let me further explain: […]

Zombies vs. animals? The living dead wouldn’t stand a chance

Relax. Next time you’re lying in bed, unable to fall asleep thanks to the vague anxiety of half-rotten corpses munching on you in the dark, remember this: if there was ever a zombie uprising, wildlife would kick its ass.

Why Americans Love Guns

That’s right, the West had gun control. In the early days, the Western towns were largely populated with rowdy young men working as miners or cowboys. But as more white families flooded into the West, people started to be concerned about safety. Starting in the 1880s, many of these towns started to post gun-control ordinances that required anyone coming into town to check their guns at the local law-enforcement office or the hotel. “As they became civilized and people brought their wives and families out, they didn’t want a lot of gunplay,” Bell says. Of course, outlaws completely disregarded those laws.

Joss Whedon: The definitive EW interview

In an interview around that time, you said you’d always wanted to make blockbuster movies, and the interviewer called that “completely unrealistic.” You responded, “You don’t know, it could still happen.”

Yes, 2003.
Nice. In your face, some guy!
For an atheist, was it an intentional metaphor when you had scientist Bruce Banner in Hulk mode beating the hell out of “puny god” Loki?
The fact that I got to write “puny god” made me very happy. That was me rubbing my fingers together in a Burns-ian super-villain fashion. Ultimately I did it because it was right for the movie, but yeah, that was fun for me.


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