Schon lustig zu sehen, wie die Leute hier auf die Seite kommen.
Suchbegriff des Tages ist jedenfalls jetzt schon:


Wer sucht nach sowas? Haben die nix zu tun?
Ich schon, deshalb geht’s jetzt weiter mit meiner ätzenden Sprachwissenschafts-Hausarbeit…

Titelbild: Binoculars designed by Luis Prado from the Noun Project. Lizenz: Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0). Danke!


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  1. I think the people who build a base on Mars planet should big a build a big electronic contraption on Mars. Its a device that reaches through a portal and loosens the grip of the forcefield thats made by an angel trap in another galaxy.
    So when your ready pick a galaxy and the invisible angels from our solor system will open the portal for you so you can activate the device.

    They said that 9 Angels spirits where taken away to magnetic holding cells by sinister space aliens flying in the sky’s of Earth. As soon as possible hire a phycic seer to find the alien worlds that have angel traps on them in our galaxy. So in the future send the Air Force military out there to attack the world with evil aliens holding angels prisoner.

  2. heieiei!

    na gut der arme hat aber auch keine freunde… „No friends :(“
    ist das jetzt ursache oder wirkung?

    ich sag nur:
    „I started sieng auras at 16 I had to try real hard in a dark closet […].“

    also ich wollt das jetzt eigentlich kommentieren, aber ich hab mich dann doch umentschieden…

    may the force be with you!

    PS: schöner fundamentalistenartikel übrigens.
    ich werd morgen auch mal wieder mit meinem X durch die straßen ziehen… :D …vielleicht erwisch ich ja einen.

  3. Hello i have a problem the people taking care of me at my aparyment put something in my neck at first it was loud cracks when I move my head forword sometimes kike my neck was broken but I felt no pain. Latley a rbber sqeuky ball moving around had happens its after I stayed at Evens house 415 10th Ave by Yessler and Cherry in Seattle Washington USA.
    Send $50,000 dollers to my bank acount Bank of America 8756-1049 so then they will be so mad I bet they steal it and never show me I got money sdo it to see whos stealing it my clones? No one told me I was cloned The Wamu bank has a Scott Florance also some one stole my identity, and maybe all funds I ever asked for. All I did is say that bullies crave lucian babies in nursary ward are bieng secrewtly switched with clones and a tracking device i=mplant shoulfd be not able to be copied so you know if the babies swithed to save hias/her very soul. And the parents get a list of 45 agencies with the no swicth insurrer some from forighn Gov also, Make this the Law the parents will hunch wich one is best to save the beloved child!

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