Last year, we were learning how to live in quarantine. This year, we’ve perfected it: Boredom, curiosity, horniness, and an awful lot of time stuck at home have combined to make it a banner 12 months for shoving objects inside ourselves that cannot be removed without the aid of a trained professional. Here now, the traditional holiday recounting of the weirdest stuff hospitals found in America’s holes.

Wie immer zum Jahreswechsel kommt hier die obligatorische Liste der Fundstücke in amerikanischen Körperöffnungen.

What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?

Wie schon beim letzten Mal ein Best of nach Körperöffnungen:

– was tired of hearing her mother yell at her so she decided to put some stickers in both ears

– doll head

– USB cable

– piece of metal from covid mask

– spider-man action figure

– lottery ticket

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