As some members of Boysetsfire depend on playing music for a living and with many of our summer shows cancelled we would appreciate it if you would leave a donation. „We are heartbroken to have had to cancel so many shows this year due to the pandemic. As a band, as brothers, losing the opportunity to come together to do what we love took us a bit to recover from. We could see that our disappointment was shared in the hundreds of messages and notes so many of our fans were sharing with us as the news broke. To ease the blow, we decided to put together a virtual event. While we would have loved to do a live show, given that we are all in multiple times zones across the globe (and that 99.9% of us are technically deficient,) we decided to to a streaming concert instead. We know that this won’t be the same as gathering in a room with you all to share time, space and that energy we love so much, but we hope this will tide you over until we can do this is person again some day. We love you, we miss you, and we will see you soon.“ – Nathan Gray, May 2020

Setlist: 00:00 After The Eulogy 03:02 Requiem 06:54 Closure 09:58 Pure 12:02 My Life In The Knifetrade 16:50 Deja Coup 19:33 Eviction Article 23:40 Cutting Room Floor 27:18 Cavity 30:18 Full Color Guilt 34:00 Bled Dry 35:48 One Match 38:57 Release The Dogs 42:00 Rookie 46:46 Empire


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