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Futility Closet Episode 296: The Little Giants

In 1957, 14 boys from Monterrey, Mexico, walked into Texas to take part in a game of Little League baseball. What followed surprised and inspired two nations. In this week’s episode of the Futility Closet podcast we’ll tell the story of the Monterrey Industrials and their unlikely path into baseball history.

Cosmic Reef: NGC 2014 & NGC 2020

This science visualization presents the dramatic landscape of two nebulas in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The video, based on images by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, takes viewers on a close-up tour of the nebulas‘ three-dimensional structures, as envisioned by scientists and artists. The movie begins with the Hubble view of NGC 2014 (lower left) and NGC 2020 (upper right). The region has been nicknamed the „Cosmic Reef,“ because of its resemblance to an undersea world. The camera then flies past myriad stars for a close-up look at NGC 2014. The first stop is the bubble of hot gas on the left that has a coral-like appearance. Energetic ultraviolet light from the system’s most massive stars has heated the gas, while strong stellar winds (streams of charged particles) help create its bubble structure. The journey continues into the heart of the nebula, home to extraordinarily massive and bright stars. The glowing gas in this region is bathed in the stars‘ intense luminosity. In contrast, the dark, denser gas is resisting that radiation, and is blown back to form craggy, mountainous shapes. The virtual flight moves past ridges, valleys, and pockets of new star formation. The camera then rises up and over a ridge of NGC 2014, revealing the three-dimensional structure of neighboring NGC 2020. The Wolf-Rayet star at its core is the mammoth, intensely hot source of this nebula. Episodes of outbursts from the young star have produced cloudy rings and clumps in the bright blue gas. While Hubble views NGC 2020 looking down the axis of the stellar outflows, the visualization finishes with a side view that illustrates the nebula’s double-lobed structure.


CLASSICAL SOPRANO surprises audience with STAR TREK | Conductor Rainer Hersch

Spanish Soprano Laura Ruhí Vidal performs a hilarious STAR TREK warmup. Comedy and classical music LIVE. A Trekkie treat. Conductor Rainer Hersch.


Public Media Art #1 “WAVE” Short ver.

Our first case of IP licensing, ‚WAVE‘ with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea at 80.1m (w) x 20.1M (h).

xkcd: Mount St. Helens

It’s a good mountain but it really peaked in the 80s.

Titel: Mount St. Helens. Autor: Randall Munroe. Lizenz: CC BY-NC 2.5. Danke!


Taura is a polynesian legend. Taura are animals, plants and minerals that are „allied“ with humans, families, clans. They are considered fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. The relationship with them is fraternal and respectful. The last long shot was certainely one of the dive I’ve ever done. I was so grateful to spend so much time with the mother and her baby. I choosed this letterbox cause it has a „vintage“ look and it reminds me some really good memories. It also has the aspect (like a POV) of what I see with my mask during the dive. All was shot in Polynesia in november 2019.


Mysteriously forced apart as teenagers, two stepsisters reunite at a funeral at their childhood home in the south of France.


‚Adolescence can be such a drag‘ Paul Bigsby is just trying to get through his teenage years in Blackpool, 1997. But he harbours ambitions to become a drag queen, which may set him on a collision course with his family and the school bully.

Solar Driftwood


THIN AIR / HÖHENWAHN is a short film about a father in unusual circumstances. Deep amongst the Swiss Alps, winter resorts and old wooden cabins, Georg experiences disturbing incidents.

Vorheriger ArtikelKurzfilm: Risk
Nächster ArtikelKurzfilm: Make Me a Sandwich
Ruhrpottjunge im Rheinland. Gewaltbereiter Pazifist. Entspannter Choleriker. Freund des gepflegten Kurzfilms und sinnvoll aneinandergereihter Buchstaben. Macht den Scheiß hier seit 2000 und denkt nicht daran, es bleiben zu lassen. Warum auch? Ach ja, der Name. Kommt aus dem Spanischen, bedeutet soviel wie "der Faule" und spricht sich el flocho.


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