Dimitris Ladopoulos hatte ne ganz geile Idee, die Farbinformationen in klassischen Portraits ein bisschen anders zu visualisieren.

I have always been inspired by both the arts and technology, so I wanted to experiment with a contemporary view of old masters’ paintings. Inspired by information visualisation methods called ‘Treemapping’, I created an algorithm that takes a painting and subdivides it based on the density of information of the original painting. The more information there is the on the original, the more it is subdivided and thus the smaller the rectangle elements. The less information, the larger the rectangle area. You could say there is a similarity to the painters’ approach of using broader and finer strokes. The result is a mosaic of rectangles that highlight the subtle changes in the colour palette of the original.

Das hat er mit zwei Bildern gemacht, was man sich unbedingt mal angucken sollte, wenn man auf so einen Kram steht.

Portrait nr.1: Johannes

Portrait nr.2: Rosalba

(via boingboing.net)

Alle Bilder ? Autor: Dimitris Ladopoulos. Lizenz: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Danke!


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