Sie hören

„Weisst du was ich manchmal denke? Es müsste immer Musik da sein. Bei allem was du machst. Und wenns so richtig scheiße ist, dann ist wenigstens noch die Musik da. Und an der Stelle wo, wo es am allerschönsten ist, da müsste die Platte springen und du hörst immer nur diesen einen Moment.“ Absolute Giganten

Und zum Glück ist auch immer Musik da.

Some'll win, some will lose, Some are born to sing the blues
So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice
This city desert makes you feel so cold - It's got so many people, but it's got no soul
The years of care and loyalty were nothing but a sham it seems
We ached for more and more of that
Ed ogni lacrima ha il tuo nome
My mind is on fire, I will not retire
I climbed the wall, the wall of news, I watched them show the tragedy
Forget what happened yesterday
Where are all the stupid people from? And how'd they get to be so dumb?