Swamp Boy Medical Mystery

Optisch wirklich gut präsentierte und packend geschriebene Geschichte eines Teeanagers, der wie aus dem Nichts vollkommen der Verstand zu verlieren scheint.

“I need to talk to you and Dad,“ he said. “It’s serious.“

Judy’s mind raced. What could it be? When they got home, she called her husband, Scott*, into the living room. They sat on the sofa. Michael took a deep breath and began: “I think I’m the evil, damned son of the devil.“

Judy and Scott sat in stunned silence.

Michael went on to tell them that a demonic voice was instructing him to murder his friends. “I feel like I need to kill myself before this happens.“ These homicidal thoughts, he believed, were being delivered to him by Satan, who was controlling his mind through porn sites on his cellphone. He asked their permission to destroy it.

In a state of shock, Scott retrieved a hammer and let Michael smash his cellphone into a spiderweb of glass slivers and mangled circuitry on the back patio. Then they called over a young pastor from their church to pray with them.

When they were done, they drove Michael to the emergency room.


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