Fast immer, manchmal oder auch ab und an gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

15 Skyscrapers Demolished In China At The Same Time

The buildings were demolished because the developer could not complete the construction for seven years.


Benedict Cumberbatch reads the best cover letter ever written

In 1934, a New York copywriter by the name of Robert Pirosh quit his well-paid job and headed for Hollywood, determined to begin the career of his dreams as a screenwriter. When he arrived, he gathered the names and addresses of as many directors, producers and studio executives as he could find, and sent them what is surely one of the greatest, most effective cover letters ever to be written; a letter which secured him three interviews, one of which led to his job as a junior writer at MGM. Fifteen years later, screenwriter Robert Pirosh won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his work on the war film, Battleground. A few months after that, he also won a Golden Globe. To read Pirosh’s amazing cover letter, here’s Benedict Cumberbatch (originally performed at Freemason’s Hall, London).


The Circle Visible From Space

Mount Taranaki, on the North Island of New Zealand, is a large-scale circle that’s visible from space: a stratovolcano with six miles of forest around it. But that didn’t happen naturally. Oh, and there’s a good chance that, in the next fifty years or so, it might explode.


Maruja, an Andean woman with mystical powers, works at a household where a little girl never seems to stop acting out her rage. Maruja decides to try to heal her with the help of a special brew.

The Wheel

Are You Still There?

A dead car battery leaves Safa stranded alone in a strip mall parking lot.

Missed you Stranger – StuBru

Belgium youth radio station StuBru launch ‘Missed You Stranger’ – a campaign celebrating the re-opening of the much loved and sorely missed Belgium festival scene – which recognises the hardship the ban of social interaction has caused to the StuBru listeners.

The Elephant’s Song

This is the story of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, set to a tune sung by her friend, an old farm dog. Their story is portrayed in colorful, handcrafted animation, created frame by frame with clay-on-glass and oil pastel animation.

Dating is Shit

In a world of apps, dick pics and commitment issues, dating can be tiring and can start to take a toll on a person, this animation is a grim view of how it can be.


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