Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich. Also auch mal gar nicht oder kurz danach.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

radioWissen: Banausen – Die Helden der athenischen Demokratie

„Du Banause!“ – Heute gibt es viel schlimmere Schimpfwörter, doch im Athen des 4. Jahrhunderts vor Christus sollte der Begriff abwerten und verletzen. Wer waren die Banausen? Eine Spurensuche.

radioWissen: Die Geschichte der Müllabfuhr – Der Kampf gegen Abfall

Wo es Menschen gibt, gibt es Müll. Dementsprechend unterschiedlich gingen im Laufe der Jahrhunderte die Gesellschaften mit Müll um.

radioWissen: Die Zünfte – Von der Ächtung zur Achtung der Arbeit

800 Jahre lang waren Zünfte das Erfolgsmodell, das Arbeit zu einem Wert machte und das Leben der Handwerker regelte. Bis heute haben die Zünfte Spuren in Sprache, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft hinterlassen.

radioWissen: Kryptographie – Die Geschichte der Verschlüsselung

Schon Julius Cäsar entwickelte ein Verfahren, Botschaften sicher zu verschlüsseln. Heute ist Kryptografie nicht mehr Kriegsherren und Geheimdiensten vorbehalten, sondern umgibt uns – meist unbemerkt – im Alltag.

radioWissen: Die Brooklyn-Bridge – Die unglaubliche Geschichte ihrer Entstehung

Die Brooklyn Bridge: Berühmtes Symbol von New York City, aber beim Bau vor 150 Jahren hoch umstritten. Sie war mit Skandalen und unendlichen Strapazen verbunden – und ihr Bau forderte zahlreiche Opfer.

APOD: All of Mercury

Explanation: Only six years ago, the entire surface of planet Mercury was finally mapped. Detailed observations of the innermost planet’s surprising crust began when the robotic have been ongoing since the robotic MESSENGER spacecraft first passed Mercury in 2008 and continued until its controlled crash landing in 2015. Previously, much of the Mercury’s surface was unknown as it is too far for Earth-bound telescopes to see clearly, while the Mariner 10 flybys in the 1970s observed only about half. The featured video is a compilation of thousands of images of Mercury rendered in exaggerated colors to better contrast different surface features. Visible on the rotating world are rays emanating from a northern impact that stretch across much of the planet, while about half-way through the video the light colored Caloris Basin rotates into view, a northern ancient impact feature that filled with lava. Recent analysis of MESSENGER data indicates that Mercury has a solid inner core.

Girls Night [Smartphone Short Film]

A Woman’s Journey To Remember WTF Happened Last Night

Next Flight Home

A short film about discovering the things that make life worth living. A pigeon meets a dove and faces the decision on whether or not to leave the life he has built for himself in favor of following his heart.

Chicago’s Best Worst Liquor

Sweaty socks, metallic pine needles, sour and regret—the taste of Jeppson’s Malört is described as many things, and none of them are great. If you ask CEO Tremaine Atkinson to pin down the flavor, he’d call it ass, gas and fire. So, what is this disgusting darling? The Malört is considered by many to be the worst liquor they have ever tried. Still, Chicagoans can’t seem to get enough of the junk.

For You

A timid 18-year-old from inner-city Dublin prepares for her boyfriend’s debs (Ireland’s version of the prom), but her social anxieties and struggles with her mother’s alcoholism make life difficult. Starring Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) and newcomer Gabby Murphy, For You is an uplifting, IFTA-nominated debut film from director Brendan Canty and writer Alan O’Gorman about a young relationship.

A Foreman

When an inspector from the Department of Labor shows up at her doorstep, a foreman at a machine shop must keep the business running while protecting her workers‘ interests. But she soon realizes she may not be able to do both.

Chalk of Champions

Once upon a time, not long ago, the math world fell in love … with a chalk. But not just any chalk! This was Hagoromo: a Japanese brand so smooth, so perfect that some wondered if it was made from the tears of angels. Pencils down, please, as we tell the tale of a writing implement so irreplaceable, professors stockpiled it.


THE ARCTIC began in October 2018 and lasted for about seven months. It records the crystallization processes of different salts. During this period, we explored various forms of the crystals and their wonderful growth patterns. Most of the footage was captured by time-lapse photography. The tile of this film comes from the icy sensation of the Arctic. We hope this film can remind viewers the stunning beauty of the ice world and the importance of protecting our planet.

Alien The Play Full Show North Bergen NJ High School 4K

Alien The Play Full Show North Bergen NJ High School 4K including introduction and thank you from Sigourney Weaver. […] I took this video on my smartphone using digital zoom. It was the best I could do in short notice as I was just a general attendee sitting towards the back. I’m fairly certain the school did do a professional recording. Once they release it please buy a copy to support the high school and it’s theater program. Thank you.



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