Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

➔ GALAXIES VOL. III : Voyage to the core – 4K

Being fascinated by the core since I started astrophotography where it was barely visible (Denmark), I started looking for the best places in the northern hemisphere where I could get a clear view. The first time I really saw it was on the beautiful island of Tenerife 4 years ago and I sincerely will remember that experience for the rest of my life. Gazing upon the center of our galaxy in its full glory is something everyone ought to try. That’s why I decided to dedicate the third opus of my astrolapse series ‘Galaxies’ exclusively to the core, assembling my best clips to date and bringing them to the public, mainly to raise awareness and to get our night sky a bit more attention. I was appalled by just how many people have never seen the milky way so maybe by showing the true beauty of the universe I could contribute in my own limited way to bringing the real dark skies to the hectic and light polluted urban jungle.

➔ Le Futur Sera Chauve / The Bald Future

Being a bald man sucks. Knowing you’ll become one is worse.

➔ Bubble

Made with hundreds of pen and ink drawings, pieces of cut paper, collage and live footage, Bubble presents imagery and text culled from American politics. Artist Case Jernigan draws figures and themes based on his upbringing in South Carolina. Sound design by Case Jernigan and Love Science Music.

➔ Lego built a drivable Bugatti Chiron with over 1 million pieces

5.3 horsepower and a ‘theoretical’ top speed of 18 miles per hour

Sehr geile Sache, die so manchen natürlich auf den ein oder aderen Gedanken bringt:
➔ Crash the Lego Bugatti
Clearly, the only sensible thing to do with a life-sized car made of lego is to smash it into a million little pieces.

➔ Moths

Inspired by all of the tiny illusory moths I see out of the corner of my eyes late late at night. Animation by me. Audio by the incredible Thomas Williams.

➔ Laziest Wolf Howls (part 9)

She’s at it again! Ambassador wolf Alawa is hands down the laziest howler we’ve ever known.

➔ Ancient Scotland

Shot at twenty one stunning locations from as the far north as Muckle Flugga at the very top of Shetland to the prehistoric wonder of Britain’s highest sea stacks near St Kilda, some 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides.

➔ Taco, Meet Shawarma

Bursting with flavors from two opposite corners of the world, the Arab taco is the love child of Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines. Swap out the tortilla for pita bread, add pork and chipotle salsa, and voilà! A gastronomic intermarriage that will wow your tastebuds. But where did this culinary sensation originate? Turns out, the story of the Arab taco is the story of migration.

➔ hair today, gone tomorrow

Hey everyone! Long time no see! It’s been a wild year but I’ve finally finished my 3rd year film. Hope you have as fun watching this as I did making it!

➔ The Craziest Megavalanche Ever…

Großer Gott, sind die alle bekloppt.

Ben Deakin’s POV of this race is INSANE! The 2 pile ups are probably the worst there have ever been so PLEASE enjoy his Vlog from the main event.

Here comes the bride…

➔ Dogs working sheep..

Vielleicht brauchen wir doch nen Schäferhund für die Kinder…

➔ Sunny

➔ There’s a Rang-tan in my bedroom // narrated by Emma Thompson

Rang-tan is the story of a little girl and her orangutan friend forced from her forest home. Indonesian rainforests are destroyed to grow field upon field of dirty palm oil used to make the everyday products we use. It doesn’t need to be like this, big brands have a responsibility to make sure that the palm oil used in their products isn’t made at the greatest cost for our forests.

➔ This man had his entire head waxed!!!!

➔ The beautiful and distinctive shapes of atolls, seen from space

Schöne Bilderserie.
Satellite images and photos taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station accentuate what makes them so beautiful—thin wisps of coral and sand encasing deep blue lagoons.

➔ Alpha Fish

Rodrigo the talking goldfish is at odds with his owner, Conner. He’s sick of performing tricks for Conner’s dates, and would rather be getting cozy with a lady of his own. Then one fateful night, Conner brings home Bianca, a beautiful marine biologist. Once Bianca meets Rodrigo, sparks fly — and Rodrigo is on his way to becoming the Alpha Fish.


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