Immer am Wochenende (Bleiben wir realistisch: soweit möglich.) gibt es hier einen Sammelpost mit allem, was es nicht zu einem eigenen Artikel gebracht hat. Das ist mal mehr, mal weniger. Mal gucken, wie’s klappt.

Magician ANDY GROSS (SplitMan) rips his assistants head off!

Magician / Comedian / Ventriloquist ANDY GROSS aka SplitMan rips his assistants head off, over and over….

Not Possible @jacksonpilz ??? Filmed by @chiggysskateboarding

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Fish with Legs

A school of fish wakes up one morning to discover everyone has grown legs. Is it evolution or a curse from god?

The Cranberries – Zombie (Bass Arrangement) 4K

World Record Attempt- 12 Chin ups while hula hooping

Get Mugged HERE

Philosophy Feuds: Freud vs Jung

Sex, religion and envy – how Freud and Jung’s frenetic friendship tore itself apart.

What I Wish I’d Said – Elliot Steel

Comedian Elliot Steel re-lives the pain of his eighteenth birthday.


A midnight caller gets more than he bargained for…



Growth portrays the rise and downfall of a family over the course of 20 years, in one living room, in a single shot.


When a groom goes missing on his wedding day, the bride decides to play on her family’s racial ignorance to keep the nuptials moving forward in this comedy of errors.

Peter mon amour

A life dream comprised of terraced housing estates, abandoned skyscrapers, graffiti-smeared underpasses and huge news screens, emblazoned with headlines about the 13.11.2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. This is no dystopian experiment but harsh reality in Peter mon amour. The protagonist Peter lives in a lifeless environment. The only humans we see are occasional homeless people and window cleaners. Architects have put matter before people and have ultimately brought about a vast sense of estrangement. The result is a city that seems to actively eradicate any form of life.

Winning Marge

It’s Sophie and Gary’s four-month anniversary, and it’s about to go down. Expect fireworks, literal and emotional, in this comedy short from Max Lincoln, starring Freya Mavor (Skins), Natalie Simpson (Outlander) and John MacCormick.


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